Main session 1: The child through the eyes of Jesus.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Dave Roberts took the first session, which I found rather hard work. He seemed to jump around the Bible a lot, and got increasingly louder in volume which just seemed to end up with him shouting at us.

He started off by highlighting how 2000 years ago society had a really low view of the child. It was common for them to be sacrificed or forced into sexual practices. The Aramaic for child means servant or salve, so to see the context that Jesus spoke into we need to look at societies where people are marginalised.

Jesus blessed children and was an advocate to the marginalised. He wanted inclusivity in the kingdom of God. The church is to be the advocate for the child in religion and wider society.

Dave then went on to show how Jesus remodelled the father heart for his culture. They saw father as a fierce far off person, but Jesus was keen on tough love – of passionate caring.


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