What are you eager to preach?

Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Gospel Driven blog has been contained challenging posts since its inception several months ago. For today’s Featured Toolbox, however, I should link you to an excellent post from this week: What are you eager to preach? In part, this article bemoans a problem-attitude to gospel preaching today:

Though never voiced, but in practice demonstrated, preaching the gospel is assumed to be too simplistic and impractical. What pastors need to understand, we are told, is that we live in a complex, fast-paced, ever-changing culture. It is naïve to think that preaching the gospel is sufficient for life and godliness. To be sure, the high priests of Christian therapy will say the Gospel is important. But, what one also needs to know is the secret of the Christian life, the secret to prayer, the secret to happier marriages, the secret for successful parenting, the secret for financial freedom, the secret of the abundant and overcoming life …

Read the whole article here.


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