Back to Basics: God

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

We have just started a five week series entitled Back to Basics, which is going through the basics of the Christian faith as an enquirers class for a group of our young people who are interested in Full Immersion Baptism and Confirmation (being a Union church we do both!).
This week we started on the topic of God, and especially using creation as an example to see how powerful and amazing God is. Instead of doing one of those talks focussing on the preciseness of creation and all the fantastic statistics you can use we gave the young people ingredients to make a Victoria Sandwich sponge cake but with no recipe. They had ten minutes to guess the right balance of ingredients, get them mixed and into the oven. They really enjoyed it, as it was active and out of their normal meeting room, and they seemed to take on board the point really well: God created out of nothing with no instructions, and yet it was perfect in every way.


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