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Wednesday, October 24, 2007 has published a survey of the internet showing which are the most popular Bible verses. It means that you can search based on a word and instead of giving chronological results it gives you the most popular results. For example, if you type "world" to find John 3:16. Starting from Genesis, 96 verses match before John 3:16. Simply ranking the results places John 3:16 first, and saves 9 pages of wrong hits.
87 of the top 100 verses are in the New Testament, and these can now be found without looking through the Old Testament first. The most popular verse was John 3:16, with over twice the score of its nearest rival, John 1:1. Although John was the most popular Gospel, it was only sixth overall, with Ephesians taking first place. Shorter books scored better, and Malachi was the first Old Testament book at 19th, with 5 verses in the top 1,000.

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