Britons sending 1 billion texts weekly

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The BBC have reported how Britons are now sending more than one billion text messages per week according to the latest figures from the Mobile Data Association (MDA). The figure is 25% higher than a year ago and and that weekly total is the same as the number sent during the whole of 1999.

Some 4.825bn texts were sent in September 2007, equivalent to 4,000 every second. The total for 2007 looks set to reach 52 billion, he said. This was far in excess of the 42-48 billion the MDA previously predicted would be sent this year.
The use of mobile phones continue to go up, and develop rather than tail off. How many texts do you send on average in a month, how does that compare with your young people?


The number of texts I send depends entirely on the number of boring seminars I attend and who I am sitting next to!!!!! ha ha

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November 06, 2007 5:00 pm  

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