How to make the most of a conference

Friday, November 02, 2007

Marko blogged this, and I thought it was great so am reposting it here completely, especially since November seems to be the month for youth work training events in the UK:
love this list from steve argue about how to make the most of the convention. very closely lines up with what i share in the opening session.
    • Go to a seminar you disagree with… to understand.
    • Sit in a different spot each session… try to see from another perspective.
    • Talk with someone different than you… to learn.
    • Seek out a youth workder half your age or twice your age… buy them coffee.
    • Spend time being quiet… resist perpetuating busyness in your life.
    • Sleep in or stay up late… jolt your natural schedule.
    • Support local restaurants, avoid places you could eat at from home.
    • Take the long way… let go of efficiency.
    • Summarize your notes… share them with someone when you get home.
    • Walk around the block.
    • Don’t say you’ve been in St. Louis until you’ve done so.
    • Sing nothing during worship… listen as though you were hearing the words for the first time.
    • Share with someone what the Spirit was saying to you as you listened throughout the plenary gathering… avoid critiquing the message.
    • Embrace a quote of the day, image of the day, song of the day, surprise of the day, conversation of the day. Journal them.
    • Avoid at all costs saying, “When I was here last time…”


Hey Chris...
Thanks for being excited about my list.

God bless you and all youthworkers in the UK!

steve argue said...
November 02, 2007 9:06 pm  

Thanks for the comment Steve. I have enjoyed having a quick read of your blog - keep it going, I look forward to more of your insightful comments.

Chris said...
November 03, 2007 1:59 pm  

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