Top 10 Free Video Rippers, Encoders, and Converters

Saturday, November 03, 2007

So many video file formats, so many handheld video players, so many online video sites, and so little time. To have your favorite clips how you want them—whether that's on your DVR, iPod, PSP or desktop—you need the right utility to convert 'em into the format that works for you. Commercial video converter software's aplenty, but there are several solid free utilities that can convert your video files on every operating system, or if you've just got a web browser and a quick clip. Put DVDs on your iPod, YouTube videos on DVD, or convert any video file with today's top 10 free video rippers, encoders and converters.

I haven't tried using their recommendations but it is something I am going to bookmark and have ready to try when I next need to convert some video. Go check it out, bookmark it for use when you suddenly need to convert a video.


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