Books I have read: Anger - handling a powerful emotion in a healthy way

Saturday, December 29, 2007

What a fantastic read. This book was easy to read, it flowed well, but made so many great points. It is a book that has my pencil marks all around it as I thought about how it applies to my life, and how I can use it to help others. It covers a real range of issues: where does anger come from; how to handle "bad" anger; explosions and implosions; when you are angry at God, to name just a few.

Chapman's basic summary when dealing with anger is:
  • Consciously acknowledge to yourself that you are angry
  • Restrain your immediate response
  • Locate the focus of your anger
  • Analyse your options
  • Take construction action

Whilst a lot of that is much easier to write down on a blog than it is to put into practice Chapman does include many life examples and tips to make it easier. All in all this book is a helpful Christian study on the topic of anger.

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