David Beckham has one of the biggest carbon footprints in the world

Monday, January 07, 2008

David Beckham is likely to be the least green person on the planet. It has been reported that he not only owns a fleet of 15 gas-guzzling supercars [including a Porsche, Hummer and Lincoln Navigator], he has clocked up more than 250,000 miles in the air in the last year – more than the distance to the far side of the Moon. His travel schedule has notched up a staggering 163 tons of CO2, compared with the 9.4 tons of the average British person.

A Carbon Trust spokesman said:
'The amount of flying David does means he holds the dubious crown of having the largest carbon footprint in human history…He has more freedom of choice when it comes to methods of travelling. He could also choose greener cars.'


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