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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Over at church relevance there are a couple of new posts on how Jesus marketed his ministry (check out part 1 and part 2). Here is a bit from part 1:

    • Product: Jesus is perfect. He was sinless. Therefore, His ministry was perfect. It was remarkable, and consequently, it created word of mouth.
    • Price: Jesus’ ministry was free, financially speaking. It was accessible to both the wealthy and the poor. However, because Jesus’ ministry (His product) was perfect, He frequently experienced more demand for His ministry than He and His disciples could supply. ... Sometimes to lessen the demand, He raised the cost of the time and effort needed to see Him by traveling to a secluded place. But people still came from everywhere to see Him.
    • Place (Distribution): Jesus frequently traveled to make Himself accessible to a greater region of people. He ministered in the synagogues, the streets, and the countryside. He ministered everywhere.
    • Promotion: Jesus had no need to promote His ministry because the “product” was flawless. People promoted His ministry for Him. However, because He had a face-to-face ministry, it could be said that He used personal selling for promotion.

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