The weekend

Monday, December 11, 2006

We have spent the last few weeks looking into buying a house and so most of the weekend was spent doing stuff to sort that out. Hopefully we will continue to make progress with this over the next couple of weeks. It is scary how much money is involved but I guess it is better in the long run than renting as at least you get some of the money back.
Other highlights included dinner at Bryn and Marian's. Bryn is on the diaconate at the church, and is my pastoral deacon and mentor within the church. They are both real legends, always willing to help out, and live just around the corner. It was a great evening of food, wine, and conversation, not forgetting Strictly Come Dancing!
Most of Sunday was spent doing a mixture of bits at church, writing Christmas cards, and trying to finalise ideas for the funding applications for our two older youth groups.

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