Early mornings

Friday, April 06, 2007

On Tuesday morning I was on a train at shortly after 4:30am. Now I don’t like getting out of bed, it takes a bit to get me out, but once I get going I love the way in which you can be up and doing stuff before everyone else is up, and the way in which you get to see the sunrise. On morning’s like Tuesday I wish I was more disciplined and could get up earlier and go to bed earlier as I do seem to get more done at 6:00am than at 11:00pm. However, I always manage to make an excuse that as a Children’s and Youth worker I can’t go to bed early as I’m busy in the evenings, and yet all our youth work finishes by 9:30pm (except the monthly Sunday evening events) and so I could be in bed by 10:30pm most evenings.

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