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Friday, December 28, 2007

This book was recommended by a local church leader and was an interesting read, especially in comparison with Confessions of a Pastor by Craig Groeschel. This felt a bit more random, not necessarily more personal, but certainly more the unordered unedited personal thoughts of a minister. There were some things that were helpful and others that weren't as much.

I found Gilpin's writing style not as easy to read - they may be more to do with the difference in church and the way that so much of what he was/is trying to do is to come from Australia and set up churches across the UK. His vision is much bigger than pastoring a church, but at the same time he faces many of the struggles a pastor faces, at other times he seems to be in a completely different settings to those I work in. An interesting read, but not one I will come back to time and time again.

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