FOOEY! (Fatigued order of ordinarily energetic youth workers)

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Ian blogged about feeling tired:
I'm tired of feeling tired! For the last couple of months I have been running well below parr and waking up tired in the morning, being tired all day and going to sleep as early as is possible after sorting out the rest of the herd. It's not over-work, it's not lack of sleep and it's not a lack of time off, it's just a thing; feeling like I'm running on not very good budget batteries from a market stall when I'm normally Duarcell* equipped. To further compound the situation, being tired all the time is so, ..... well .......... er, tiring!
And following some comments from other people (myself included) FOOEY! (Fatigued order of ordinarily energetic youth workers) has been setup! What is the big thing that you do to help when you feel like you are constantly running on empty?


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